Theater Arts

  • 8-12 45-minute sessions led by by UCLA-trained actor Madison Worthington and Marin Theatre Company’s ( Director for Youth and Communities, Courtney Helen Grile, in which we introduce acting, playwriting, and expressive performances.

  • Training and mentoring for both preschool teachers and teaching actors to share expertise and better understand how role playing functions in early childhood development and to build a shared repertoire of materials, games, and techniques that will capitalize on children’s natural proclivity for dramatic play throughout the year.

  • A culminating performance at the end of each year, involving parents and children from the school.
  • The Theatre Arts program was a pilot program we rolled out in 2017 and not currently offered. However, the program was a resounding success for both students and teachers alike, and acts as a wonderfully rich integration to any arts curriculum. Check back for more updates to this arts program in the coming months!

What we learn becomes a part of who we are.

- Kathy Jeffords