Embedding structured, developmentally appropriate studio sessions with experienced artist-educators into the existing life of a preschool program, WHERE ART STARTS raises awareness of the capabilities of young children and the value of artistic expression in human development.

The goal of our program isn’t necessarily to turn every student into a lifelong artist. Rather, we aim to provide young children with opportunities that delight the senses and create balanced, well-rounded individuals.

- Amy Baker

Children explore color, composition, texture, narrative structure, self-expression, and balance. They become familiar with a variety of tools in their art-making and theatrical process. Through consistent first-hand experience, children develop skills that they can use to express themselves individually and collaboratively throughout their lives.

Teachers build confidence through first-person exploration of art materials and techniques, leveraging on-going collaborations with experts in fine arts or theater to integrate activities and conversation about art and theater with young children throughout their curriculum.  Teachers build sensitivity to and appreciation for the children's creative expression.



At the conclusion of each annual program, depending on theme (visual arts, theater arts, or musical arts), WHERE ART STARTS presents a culminating exhibition or production that is shared for the children, their families, and the public to enjoy.